Haseena Parkar Movie Review

Director Apoorva Lakhia, who has directed films such as Shootout at Lokhandwala, Ek Ajnabee, Zanjeer, has now directed a film based on the life of the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parker. The Star Cast of the movie is also quite different. The film stars Shraddha Kapoor, Sidhant Kapoor and Ankur Bhatia in lead role.

Haseena Parkar Movie Review

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This story begins in the courtroom of 2007 in Mumbai where Haseena Parkar (Shraddha Kapoor) is being heard under several cases. On the question of a Lawyer (Priyanka Seetiya), Hasina unveils many things about her father (Dandi Pandey), brother Dawood (Sidhant Kapoor) and Husband (Ankur Bhatia). Meanwhile, many incidents like Babri Masjid, Hindu Muslim Riot, Mumbai Blast, are mentioned. Along with family issues, attention is taken to important things. You will only know what the film is going to be done by watching the movie.

Apoorv has done a lot of work on many different emotional Scenes different from his previous films. But, despite being proved innocent in the Court of Law, as a viewer, all of you know what is the reality? Surely the kind of turmoil that came in the life of a younger sister should have been sympathetic to her criminal brother, but in reality, it could not be done!

Shraddha Kapoor has tried his best to make this character. But the effect that was before the look of the first look of the poster did not happen in the whole film. Sometimes it may feel that castings of faith are not right for this film! Shraddha’s brother Siddhanth Kapoor showed perfect character in Dawood Ibrahim’s character!

The background score of the movie is given by Amar Mohiley who wakes up in the whole story.

The film’s direction and backdrop are good. Apoorva Lakhia’s shooting style is quite a compliment and the method of presenting is amazing. The story of the film and especially the screenplay is quite weak, due to which there is a lot of boredom at one time. The second half of the film looks weak Overall, it will not be wrong to say that ‘Haseena Parkar’ is not a wonderful movie, If you are Shraddha Kapoor is a big fan, you can see the movie once.

Bollywood Mascot Give 5 Out of 10 to Haseena Parker

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