Lucknow Central Movie Review

Lucknow Central is a film that everybody wants to see prisoners and every jailer would want to refuse their wishes. The movie is exactly as much as you thought of seeing a promo or trailer. I.e., a band of inmates in Lucknow and compilation.

Lucknow Central Movie Review

Lucknow Central Movie Revie

The fact is that the story of this two line is to be created through good credits, good dialogues, excellent songs and a script that is not going to make people stand by the seat. It also managed to a great extent, director Ranjit Tiwari. But it is not that there will be riots. If you want to watch this weekend movie, then you will not be disappointed.

The story of the film is About a real band of real jail, which the administration had permitted to perform outside the Jail. In the film, Farhan Akhtar is in the role of a young Kishan, whose role model is Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari, and he wants to be a singer, wants to make his band. But he trapped in the murder of IAS, following the life sentence of the lower court, the Lucknow Central Jail has been sent to the High Court demanding to hang.

Ravi Kishan, in the role of CM in UP, wants every year that Lucknow has become its Own Band of jail this year and they win the competition from other Jail bands. Diana Penty takes responsibility to make these Bands as an NGO worker, but Ronit Roy is against its strictness in the jailer’s roll. So how does this band perform and how Band wins, this is the journey.

Farhan Akhtar has done lots of effort in this movie. But, the way in which he worked hard for Milkha Singh, he looked like he was saved in this film. If he had reduced his weight a bit, his character of a college student or the neighborhood around him would be a little confusing. They also see flaws in the role they have coined.

Although some dialogues are good in the movie, However, if there was a little more work on the dialogue, then it would have been better, that there was considerable scope for such a well known practitioners. The screenplay of the film is very good and the story is also entertaining. It would have been nice if Climax worked hard on screenplay! It could have been made more precise.

Bollywood Mascot gives 5 star out of 10

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