Varun Dhawan’s action-comedy film Judwaa 2 has released today in a theatre near you. Judwaa 2 is a remake of Salman Khan starrer ‘Judwaa’ which was released in 1997. The Film Produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, Directed by David Dhawan. Judwaa 2 featuring Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Taapsi Pannu.


Judwaa 2 movie Review

Judwaa 2 movie Review

Prem and Raja (Varun Dhawan) are Judwaa brothers, who have similar reflexes. They separated at birth by a smuggler, Charles (Zakir Hussain), Charles Kidnapped one of the twins and left that child on a railway track. They grow up as Prem and Raja. Raja lives in Mumbai, and Prem lives in London. Both are raised in different ways. One brother is Tapori while the second is Shariff, who can’t fight to save his life. Since both brothers have a connection, therefore one feels hurt when one gets hurt. Many similar incidents occur with both. Meanwhile, in their life comes Samara (Tapasi Pannu) and Alishka (Jacqueline Fernandez). How do the two brothers meet, can they teach a lesson to the smuggler, who jerked his childhood from the Raja? You need to watch the movie for this.

Varun Dhawan played both the role of Raja and Prem. It can not be said in the acting race that he has overtaken Siddharth Malhotra. The difference is that Siddharth’s films are not going on and Varun’s films get the tag of the hit. But by doing such films, they will be able to go far away. There is a great suspicion and his fitness is quite good, Jackqueline has been successful in the film for which she has been kept in the film, She has kept the hotness in it. She has done more good acting in her earlier films. Here she has tried to glow glamor, but she has not succeeded in it.

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The film’s direction is good, but the script and dialogue are quite weak. The film’s editing is too weak. Salman Khan was seen for a few minutes in the movie, but it is not particularly necessary. Music is also average. Songs like ‘Unchi Hain Buildings’ and ‘Tan Tanna Tan have been paired with the new style, which adds a tiring length to the film’s length.

Judwaa 2 story gives the nostalgic of the first Judwaa, but as much fun as Salman did in the film, it was not found in Varun’s movie. The film has very thick jokes, and there are many scenes without logic.

The film has the dose of simultaneous emotional and comedy. But neither can it be noticeable and neither comedy is fully understood. Bollywood Mascot Gives 4 star  out of 10 to Judwaa 2.