Newton Movie Review

Newton Movie Review

Newton Movie Review

Every five years, the citizens of India vote for a party using their fundamental rights. But its process is never easy and honest. The film tries to show you the story of a day in which the world’s largest democracy is voted in India. It can be called Great Indian Electronic Circus in other words. Because of this, many people do not know how to use the voting machine or which party to vote.

The name of ‘Newton‘ is unique, especially for a Bollywood movie. Seeing the poster of ‘Newton’, maybe some people will feel that it will be a huge crying film, so let us tell you that this is not at all, but it is of course that a heavy subject is presented in a very light manner. The film’s starcast is not big, but the names of the actors will assure that both the story and the acting will be of the top quality.

The story of ‘Newton’ belongs to a young man whose name was ‘Nutan Kumar’ by his parents, but he changed his name in high school and transformed ‘Nutan’ to ‘Newton’. Actually, the thing was not just about the name, ‘Newton’ want to change in everywhere. In herself, at home, in the country, when he was not, his anxiety increased. In the office, the clerk was different from others, he reached time to time at the office, did his job honestly. Elections are going to be held in such an environment and the posting of ‘Newton’ is in the Maoist area as a presiding officer. This is an area where voting has never been done. With Loknath (Raghuvir Yadav) the entire team goes to the area. Police Soul Singh (Pankaj Tripathy) tries to vote in the presence of the team. At the same time, he says no one will come for voting. But Newton believes that voting will take place. After some time things change and a particular kind of result comes out that you will have to watch the movie to know.

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Raj Kumar has once again done a great performance. Pankaj Tripathi has also done a great job, we saw good chemistry between the two. Sanjay Mishra leaves an important impression with Raghuveer. Along with Anjali Patil, the work of other co-workers is also easy.

The story of the film is very interesting, the writer Amit Masurkar and Mayank Tiwari have said the difficult subject in a very simple way and that is the biggest point of the movie. The screenplay of the film is also very woven. Newton’s author-director Amit Masurkar tried to say something new and his film script was the biggest star. Newton does not see any such shortage, Climax is definitely comfortable but the whole movie does not let you wander. Locations and cinematography are good.

If you want to watch the movie of a great casting with laughing jokes on an important issue like elections, then do not miss the film. Although you like Masala film, with the item number, then this film is not for you.

Bollywood Mascot Gives 8 out of 10 to Newton