Salman Khan’s much-awaited movie Dabangg 3 has started making headlines again. But this time there is good news for Salman Khan fans. Recently, during the promotion of his film, Dabangg Actress Sonakshi Sinha made a tremendous disclosure about the film.

Sonaksi Sinha Confirm, Dabangg 3 is on the card

Sonaksi Sinha Confirm, Dabangg 3 is on the card

Sonakshi Sinha has confirmed that she will be part of the film Dabangg 3. Regardless of why her role in the film is small, she is the final in the film. Along with this, Sonakshi said that the film will come to the floor next year in 2018.

Dabangg 3 happening next year

Dabangg girl Sonakshi said “Dabangg 3 is happening next year, and I am definitely in it.. If there is Rajjo in the story, it will be played by me, irrespective of the length of the role. No one else will play Rajjo, even if it means me being a photo on the wall. Dabangg made me who I am today.. I’m always there for that franchise. I am grateful to him for showing me the path and whatever I am today is because of Dabangg and because of the faith he showed in me.”

The story will be of Chulbul Pandey. What happened with his life before Dabangg, and Dabangg 2.. This will be shown in flashback only. While the rest of the film show in today time zone.

Arbaaz Khan said that “Dabangg 3 will definitely happen. me and Salman sit together and talk about it. Preparations will begin this year. In 2018 we will start working on the film. The film will take a year. The movie scheduled to release on” he also added “Dabangg 3 is not entirely a prequel film. Rather it has some part of the prequel .. but not the whole movie.”

Lulia Ventur also seen in Dabangg 3. However, Lulia is not replacing Sonakshi Sinha in the film. Rather it will be both in the film.

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